Farmers Owned Company

At Econut, we believe that the true empowerment of farmers happens only if they are actively involved in all stages of agriculture, from cultivation to marketing

Econut Coconut Producer Company Limited (ECPCL) is a Farmer Producer Organisation which is a joint initiative of the farmers of mysore and Coconut Development Board(CDB), Ministry of Agriculture and Farmers welfare (Government of India)

  • Econut CPC has been very innovative in approach to market the produce of its farmers from the very beginning
  • Econut aspires to make a bond between farmer and consumer which leads to long term dependencies.
  • Kiosks are run by full time professional who are trained by ECONUT, highest priority is ensured regarding cleaniess & hygiene.

Econut was established on the 1st May, 2015 with 1046 active coconut farmers as our shareholders. The company is encouraging farmers to move towards productivity improvement, cost reduction, efficient aggregation, processing for value addition and effective marketing of their produce.




Rural Youth Employed


IT Parks/Apartments



Our Vision

To empower farmers in a manner which promotes their interests in doing business with Econut. Econut aims to build a long term and sustainable partnership within our farmers to ensure their prosperity through enhanced productivity and efficient market linkages.

Our Mission

To bring about fundamental changes in lives of our farmers by enabling them with new age agricultural practices and build a continuous, reliable and long-lasting relationship with our consumers at large delivery quality direct from the farms. One of it's kind venture where farmers are encouraged to increase the quality of their produce and direct market it to consumers which eliminates the gap between consumers and farmers. It’s a joint venture of : ECPCL (Econut CPC Limited), CDB (Coconut Development Board) & NABARD

Functional Spaces

The Company at present is operating Kiosk Outlets which have been thoughtfully located inside campus of Tech Parks at Bengaluru in collaboration with the Tech Park authorities ensuring maximum footfalls. The Kiosks have been a success and popular amaong consumers because of the unique apporch. All Tech Park authorities have been very supportive for the initiative. We are building new Kiosks and it will be functional soon. We expect to install Kiosks across Bengaluru and Mysuru in the near furture.

We Grow With Farmers

India is a land of villages and farmers are soul of the country. Farmers are also called 'Annadata' which means the one who 'provide food'.

Product Portfolio

Neera Sugar

Every health conscious human being will ditch refined sugars for the widely famous natural sweetener - coconut sugar. Deriving from the sap of a coconut palm, this caramel like sugar is a mandate in every kitchen shelf.

Virgin Coconut Oil

It is the purest form of coconut oil, water white in color, contains natural vitamin E. Virgin Coconut Oil (VCO) is extracted from fresh coconut milk obtained from matured coconut of 12 months old. VCO can be consumed in its natural state without the need for further processing.

Coconut Flakes

A versatile ingredient that not only adds flavour and texture to your ingredients, but also comes with loaded minerals and nutrition.

Trimmed Tender Coconut

A cooling natural drink with vitamin B and C to provide all the energy a person requires. Our trimmed tender coconut comes in it's raw form, yet well trimmed to retain it's original taste.

Desiccated Coconut Powder

Desiccated Coconut Powder is obtained by drying ground or shredded coconut kernel after the removal of brown shell. It finds extensive use in confectioneries, puddings and many other food preparations as a substitute to raw grated coconut.

Coconut Milkshake

Coconuts damaged during ball coco production are used effectively for making the tender coconut milkshakes. These milkshakes are frozen to avoid perishability.

Coconut Vinegar

Coconut vinegar has a cloudy, white appearance and a slightly milder taste than apple cider vinegar. It is claimed to offer a range of health benefits, including weight loss, improved digestion, a stronger immune system and a healthier heart. However, not all benefits are supported by research.

Coconut Shells

From vegetable spoons to knick knacks like buttons and bags, coconut shells in creative hands can turn to tools and handycrafts. High economic value products deriving from coconut shells prove a lot of things- the greatest being- nothing's impossible!

Coconut Barfi

A simple and tasty Indian fudge recipe prepared mainly with grated coconut, sugar and milk. it is a common Indian dessert recipe prepared during Diwali, Holi, Raksha Bandan & Navaratri. it can also be made with condensed milk and desiccated coconut. This is an upcoming product of Econut which will be made by the rural women in farming communities.


We have a unique team of farmers and software engineers with agricultural background looking forward to creating that necessary change at the grass-root level.

Lloyd Edward

CO-Founder & CEO

Sumanth Hegde

CO-Founder & Operations Head

Nithin Narayanan


Bharath Kumar


Angela Anna Anish

Creative Lead




Head Office - #143/C, 15th Cross Street, T K Layout, Anikethana Road,Kuvempu Nagar, Mysore - 570023, Karnataka



+91 9088787767

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